About our chocolate mousse

My philosophy as a Chef is simple: few, fresh and highest quality ingredients makes the perfect plate. So my chocolate mousse wouldn’t be different: artisanally made in small batches using only 4 simple and high quality ingredients, no preservatives and naturally gluten free, my fresh mousse is designed to be the standout moment of your entire day.

As a young man growing up in Belgium with my grandfather, a traditional baker in Old Antwerp, in a time where everything was made fresh daily, and organically sourced from local farmers offering only the highest quality ingredients, has helped define my tastes and standards as a professional Chef. 

My relationship with chocolate mousse started relatively early in my career, when my grandfather taught me not only important life lessons that I still guard close to my heart, but also his secret mousse recipe. Having the pleasure and opportunity to stand right by his side during those years, I was lucky enough to make my first batch of chocolate mousse at the ripe age of 8.

At age 14 I whisked off to culinary boarding school in Belgium and from that point my cooking style has stuck to the fundamentals: concentrate on only a few, fresh and highest quality ingredients when constructing the perfect plate. Fast forwarding to present day and my chocolate mousse would not be any different. Small batch, utilizing only four simple, fresh and high quality ingredients.

When I moved to New York City for an opportunity to work as the Executive Chef to the Belgian Ambassador to the United Nations I began serving my chocolate mousse at the climax to formal luncheons and dinners at the residence and selective events, until it became my signature dessert. It reached a point where secretaries of honorary guests would call in advance for the special dessert request - my freshly made chocolate mousse. 

Soon after that I started receiving orders for large quantities of my mousse for private events and this is how it evolved to the product it is today. 

Once the realization of my path became apparently clear, I started researching the market and found that there was an absence of product in this category and standards available on the market. From the ones that I was able to find, it was evident from their ingredient labels (and the sacrifice of my own stomach), that they were loaded with artificial contents, heavy preservatives and low grade quality. It quickly became clear that I should forge ahead with my creative talents and offer a high quality product, artisanally made in Brooklyn using only the finest Belgian chocolate, fresh, with no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners and naturally gluten free.  With the assistance of a custom made vacuum sealed package, my mousses can be refrigerated for up to 3 weeks.
I hope you enjoy it as it represents my every path traveled to get here. 
From my Belgian heart to your savory taste buds.

Chef Johan’s Fresh Chocolate Mousse is designed to be the standout moment of your entire day.


At the end of the day, you wont be truly happy until you eat some Fresh Chocolate Mousse

Chef Johan Halsberghe

Fresh, no preservatives, gluten-free, made with the best Belgian Chocolate by a Belgian Chef in Brooklyn, our chocolate mousse will certainly be the best part of your day.

Chef Johan Halsberghe